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Animal Shelter

Animal Control Officer

1105 Highway 208
Lebanon, KY 40033

(270) 692-0464 – Office
(270) 692-0464 - Fax

Web site:


Summary of Operations and Services

  • Enforce all Animal Control Laws, responds to animal related complaints, and conducts investigation of cruelty and problem situations
  • Investigates animal bite cases in conjunction with the Health Department ensuring that biting animals are properly vaccinated and quarantined, and arranges for rabies tests when appropriate
  • Maintains lost and found log to help owners locate lost pets
  • Provides and services humane traps for bit cases and aggressive animals.
  • Patrols County for stray animals
  • Provides a “Pet Adoption Program” to place stray, abandoned animals and unwanted animals in suitable new homes
  • Promotes a Spay/Neuter Program and will assist if funds are available.
  • Provides rescue response to animals in danger
  • Performs humane euthanasia by certified euthanasia technicians
  • Provide shelter and care to all stray animals​