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City of Lebanon​


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The Community was founded in 1777 by the Ky. longhunters establishing forts on the Rolling Fork and secruing deeds to the land. Then where the Presbyterian Church established the Liberty Meeting House in 1785 where the Old Lberty Cemetery is--a church that blacks and whites worshpped together long ahead of its time. At one of its meetings it was decided to create a church where Lebanon now is--which was how Lebanon first was began.

Then the Bradford family came in 1803 and decided to start a grist mill thereby getting the name Bradford's Mill to replace Centerville because the first settlers thought that the point the two rivers joined was the center of the state of Kentucky.

In 1836 Dr. Rose and a group petitioned the state to let Bradfordsville become a city incorporated. The state agreed in General Assembly to this in January 30, 1836, Dr. Rose is buried in a cemetery in Fairview Court of Bradfordsville--his son Uriah became an envoy for President Teddy Roosevelt to Brussells and later established the Rose Law Firm that Hilary Rodham Clinton worked for in Little Rock Arkansas. A bust of Uriah is in Statuary Hall of the US Capitol in Washington, D.C.

In 1865 Willaim Clarke Quantrill along with Sue Mundy and Frank James brother of Jesse James along with others murdered, burned and pillaged the town Most all of the community was destroyed--the town decided to move Main Street from its burned area to the present area we now see. A driving trail of Quantrill's flight can be acquired at the Bradfordsville Learning Center or online. Bradfordsville was always a strong educational community.

In 1866 the town started Home College. This college was state accredited and had such distinguished teachers as A.O, Stanley the governor of Ketnucky. A wooden high school and grammar school was built to serve the educational needs of the community. Part of Hal Hallmark's home was a portion of that old school that served the community until the WPA project in 1936 was made for the stone faced school building we usually associate with the Bradfordsville School.


Old Mill Days is the 2nd Friday and Saturday of June. Some of the activities are the pet show, the talent contest, the beauty contests, the water balloon contest, the hula hoop, the jump rope contests, and the car, the Old Mill Day turkey/ham supper, the parade, the Old Mill Day breakfast, the vendors, the food booths, the rides--fun for all in the small town atmosphere.

Each year we have a winter turkey supper usually in February, a roast beef supper in March, Spring fling in April, Clean up week first of April, Old Mill Days in June, Fall Festival with chili supper 2nd Saturday of October, and Christmas in the Country with a Christmas bazaar of many vendors, lighting of the Christmas tree and carols, a parade, a turkey/ham supper, and there is a pot luck supper is the Tuesday following the Christmas in the country. 

Regular Meeting Times

City Commission meets the 2nd Wed. of each month
Civic Center meets the 1st Tues. of each month
Save the School and Senior Committee meets the 3rd Monday of each month at 1:30
Planning and Zoning meets the 4th Wed. at 2pm
The Old Mill Day meets from Jan-June the 4th Thurs. of each month at 6:30
Learning Center Committee
Fire Department meets 2nd Tues. of each month at 8pm
Hosptality meets whenever needed
Learning Center meets when needed
Historical meets 2nd Wed. at 4:30
All meet in Civic Center City Hall exept Fire Dept. meets in Fire house, Learning Center meets in learning center, Historical in Learning Center

Around Bradfordsville

The Bradfordsville Performing Arts Center was built in 1896 and it served as the home of the Bradfordsville Christian Church until 1998 when it was given to the Ctiy of Bradfordsville to have a home for the arts in our community.

Bradfordsville School

The old Bradfordsville School building was built in 1936 one hundred years after the town was incorporated. The high school closed in 1954 and the elementary in 1984. In December of 2003 the City bought the buidling and developed a walking trail and a ballffield. Now with $295,000 hazard mitigation money and $500,000 C.D.G.B. funding the city p-lans to have a storm shelter in the basement and a senior citizen center and gymnasium on the first foor--housing for 6 apartments is the planned idea for the 2nd floor.

Bradfordsville Sign

The Bradfordsville sign at the crossroads of town--Bradfordsville had the sign built from a Walmart leadership grant to Mayor in 2000.

Learning Center

The Bradfordsville Learning Center was previously the Fire Department building. After receiving a grant from the state the City made the once Rakes' Brothers Garage into a library and media center. It also serves as the City Police Station. Chief Adam Rainwater is the police chief for the City.

The telephone exchange allows Bradfordsville to be up to date with some of the newest technology, including DSL.

Fire Dept

The new Bradfordsville Fire Station has some of the best trained volunteers in the County with top notch cutting edge equipment and fire trucks. Jimmy Kirkland is the fire chief for the city.

Community Center

Picture above is the City Hall/Civic Center Building. This building began in 1992 and serves the community for many of the events going on in the area. City commission meets in the City Hall the 2nd Wed. of each month at 6:30 pm. The City Clerk has office hours on Tuesdays at 5:oo pm. Many other committees meet monthly including--Civic Center Committee, Old Mill Day Committee, Learning Center Committee, Art Center Committee, Hospitality Committee, Save the School and Senior Committee, Business Committee, Historical Committee, and the Crossroads Committee.

Rolling Fork River

Bradfordsville rests between the two forks of the Rolling Fork River, a peaceful stream that is relaxing for swimming, fishing, canoing, or great for thinking.