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See the listing below for information on the various county departments available.
See the listing to the left for additional agencies.

Fiscal Court

The County Judge-Executive and five magistrates are elected to four-year terms and make up the fiscal court. Their jurisdiction is over all county roads, the jail, courthouse, and the animal shelter.

Motor Vehicle Licenses

All two and four wheeled motor vehicles other than farm vehicles must have Kentucky motor vehicle licenses, which are issued by the County Clerk's office. All questions with respect to licensing of vehicles should be directed to the County Clerk office at (270) 692-2651.

Driver's Licenses

Non-residents over 16 who are licensed in their home state and have a valid operator's license certificate in their immediate possession may operate a motor vehicle on Kentucky highways for 30 days in any calendar year. New residents to Kentucky must immediately obtain a Kentucky driver’s license. There is no period of grace. Driver’s licenses are required to operate motorcycles, motorbikes, and similar vehicles (other than mopeds) on public highways. Questions regarding operator's licenses should be referred to the Circuit Clerk's office at (270) 692-2681 in the Court House.

City and County Ordinances

Every city and county operates under a set of rules and regulations called ordinances. For the most part, residents do not become involved with most of these ordinances, the bulk of which apply only to City residents. Questions regarding county ordinances should be referred to the County Clerk's Office at (270) 692-2651 and questions regarding City ordinances should be referred to the City Clerk's Office at (270) 692-6272.

Marion County Tax Forms

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